Richard Hamming said:

The world is supposed to be waiting, and when you do something great, they should rush out and welcome it. But the fact is everyone is busy with their own work. You must present it so well that they will set aside what they are doing, look at what you’ve done, read it, and come back and say, “Yes, that was good.”

Part of the progression from an assistant professor to an associate professor is a series of talks at various departments across the country (and internationally, depending on one’s caliber presumably) that came to be known as the Tenure Tour. It is a unique opportunity for a relative “unknown” in the academic world to rapidly make contacts with other faculty, and more importantly to get condensed feedback on their work, ideas, future plans from their peers.

The plan for my own “tenure tour” is in the table below. If you have an opening and want to hear what my lab has been up to thus far, please feel free to contact me.

Date Place
September 14, 2023 University of Iowa
October 26, 2023 Oklahoma State University
November 16, 2023 ACS Southwest Regional Meeting, Cope Symposium
January 26, 2024 San Diego State University
January 29, 2024 University of California, Santa Barbara
January 31, 2024 University of Southern California
February 2, 2024 University of California, Riverside
February 5, 2024 University of California, Irvine
March 10–13, 2024 FloHet, Gainsville
March 27, 2024 CBTS, Broad Institute, Boston
March 28, 2024 UMass Amherst, Amherst
April 1, 2024 Boston University
April 2, 2024 Arena BioWorks
July 21, 2024 Gordon Research Conference, Stereochemistry
September 17, 2024 University of Houston
September 18, 2024 University of Texas, Austin