At the University of Kansas, I teach Medicinal Biochemistry, MDCM601, which is an introductory biochemistry course for PharmD students. Students in this course learn about:

  1. Structure of biological molecular building blocks (amino acids)
  2. Structures and functions of proteins
  3. Fundamental chemical transformations
  4. Enzymes and kinetics
  5. Enzyme inhibition

I also co-teach graduate student courses (MDCM710, and MDCM790) for PhD and MSc students in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry. My topics are:

  1. Biophysical methods for discovery of bioactive compounds
  2. Data centric view of xenobiotic metabolism
  3. Cancer therapeutics

The team and I engage in informal study sessions on a weekly basis. Primarily we are focused on the following broad areas:

  1. Organic syntheses
  2. Coding in Python and MatLab
  3. Linear algebra applications in chemistry: linear models, reaction kinetics, solutions to differential equations, molecular graphs, eigenvectors, singular value decomposition, group theory.