Oncogenes are genes that code for proteins that cause cancer.

  • Myc is a transcription factor
  • K-Ras is a [[GTPase]]
  • EGFR is a [[receptor tyrosine kinase]]
  • Abl is a [[cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase]]
  • Src is [[cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase]]
  • YAP is a [[transcriptional coactivator]]
  • PDGF is a [[growth factor]] or mitogen
  • Raf is a [[cytoplasmic serine/threonine kinase]]
  • CDK is a [[cytoplasmic serine/threonine kinase]]

Tumor-suppressor genes:

  • Rb controls [[DNA Replication, cell division and death]]
  • p53 controls apoptosis
  • BCL2 controls apoptosis
  • VHL controls [[Cell differentiation]]
  • BRCA2 controls [[Cell division and death, and repair of double-stranded DNA breaks]]
  • SWI/SNF [[chromatin remodeling]]

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